How does it work?

CONTACT: Let us know about your potential project! Submit your project in whatever form it might be in: outline, concept, overview, etc. If we believe this project is in line with our mission and values, we will follow onto the next step. If not, we will do our best to refer your idea to another publisher or process that may be a better fit.

CLARITY: We will work with you to develop an initial vision of what this project would look like and how we can best move it forward. The vision could include type of publishing, financing, steps forward, and desired impact.

COMMUNITY: We will pair you up with a team of our Fellows. This team will work with you from start to finish, offering advice, encouragement, accountability, and the honesty you need to perfect your craft and bring your project to completion.

PUBLISHING: We will hand the completed project off for edits, design, and printing or e-publishing.

COMMUNICATION: We partner with you to communicate your published work to the church and world.