Christ is Risen! Now What? 3 Ideas to Battle Post-Easter Apathy


Often after Easter, I experience a bit of a slump... maybe you do too.  Christ is Risen! but... now what? Life seems to go on as it always has—work, eat, sleep, repeat. Here are some thoughts that help me resist the 'business as usual' attitude after Easter:  

1.  The Resurrection Vindicates Everything Jesus Said. 

I have been stressing to my congregation for many years now that Jesus died on a cross April 3, 33 A.D. at 3pm and bodily rose on April 5, 33 A.D. This is historical FACT. They are, quite frankly, tired of hearing me say this in sermons.  Good. That means they've probably caught on.

Many brilliant atheists have sought to debunk the resurrection (since it's a falsifiable claim). Many of them have become Christians through that process—including: C.S. Lewis, Lee Stroble, and possibly famous atheist Anthony Flew who renounced his atheism and was investigating the resurrection of Jesus before he died.  

The challenging fact that Jesus is resurrected physically proves that his words are trustworthy (as incredible as they seem). So in particular when Jesus tells us that He will raise up all who believe in him from the dead, we now have REASON to believe him.  

This makes me go back and appreciate the words of Jesus with more awe, more reverence, more mystery.  

After witnessing the risen Jesus, his parables become more dramatic, his miracles more astounding, his condemnation of sin becomes more severe, his promises become more sweet. The historical resurrection of Jesus rips all his actions out of moral mythology and into experienced reality.

Suggestion: Read THESE WORDS of Jesus with the proof of his resurrection in mind. 

2. Our Work as the Church Becomes More Urgent. 

No one in this world needs to die. That's the message of the Gospel. God in Christ has defeated the curse of Death and reconciled us to Himself. Now that we know Christ is raised, what are we waiting for? What can stop us now? God wants all to reach repentance and come into the light of Christ for eternity. Do you want that too? Let's do this! Shake off your fear of rejection, gather with other Christians to become sharp in your understanding and confident in your message. What are you waiting for? 

3.  God Doesn't Hate the World. 

Often Christians think that "this whole world's going to hell in a hand-basket." In the afterglow of the resurrection we know that THIS IS NOT TRUE. God loved the world enough to send his Son into it so that we who live here might be saved.

God's plan for the world is not destruction but RESTORATION.

God's going to recycle this broken world into a beautiful new and blessed world. So... you don't have to be suspicious.  You don't have to be so full of complaints. Instead, let's be confident in the will of God for creation and celebrate his love for us and all the people. What's God's will for the world? Resurrection.  

What would change if you looked at your neighborhood through the lens of the resurrection?

Rev. Tim Barone, Calvary Lutheran Church, Thunder Bay, Ontario